"[your student] spoke very highly of you and stated that you are the best teacher he ever had. Good work!"Will Craig
Educational Director
Partners with Parents

"Helped me know the subject material backwards and forwards without just giving away the answer. Highly recommended."Trish
online tutoring student

"Every time I meet with you, I learn more than I do in a week at school. It's so much clearer when you explain it."Michelle
private tutoring student

Kevin Kolack, ProfessorK, Professor K, chemistry tutoring, New York City, college, chemistry

"Thank Kevin – [my son] had the highest grade (90) in his class on his Electricity test. He cares about learning and doing well, and I am so happy that he has the opportunity to work with you and Kevin."Ellen, parent of a
private tutoring student
to Daniel Stern, owner
Metro Academic Prep

"I honestly can't thank you enough. Your help during the last month of this semester has helped moved me from a marginal C-/C to a solid B in what amounts to three sessions each lasting roughly the length of a single class period. There is no chance I'll pull that B to an A with the final, my test scores earlier in the semester have made that impossible. However, if I get 93% or higher, I'm looking at a *strong* B+.

Moving from a C- to a B+ in less than a month means a lot to my GPA, but much more than that, for the first time all semester I feel confident with the material. Even through the constraining medium of a chat window, you've illuminated concepts left hazy after hours of private, face-to-face conversation with my professor and various tutors at my college. You have the gift of clarity.

Thank you for sharing that gift with me. Seriously."Zeke
online tutoring student

Chemistry is a second language- you just have to learn it.

Tutoring and coaching with Professor K

Professor K offers private, in-home tutoring for AP chemistry, SAT II chemistry, college chemistry for non majors, NYS regents chemistry, college general and organic chemistry for majors, chemistry labs, algebra, geometry, history, writing and English, as well as study skills, public speaking, and PSAT and SAT prep.

For those not in the New York City area, Professor K is available via Google video chat and/or Skype.

To arrange for tutoring with Professor K, send an email to kevin AT professorKshow DOT com, or call 212-604-4659.

Editing by Kevin Kolack, Ph.D.

For more than 10 years, Kevin has been editing scientific journal articles prior to submission for publication. Professor Kolack offers this discrete service to scientists for whom English may or may not be their first language.

For non-English speakers planning on presenting their papers at conferences, Professor Kolack can also prepare an audio recording of your paper, so that you may hear your words spoken and better prepare for your talk.

For information on Professor K's editing and recording services, please email kevin AT professorKshow DOT com

Olympiad classes

SAT II classes arranged by subject, in order given:







7-atomic structure

8-periodic table


10-bonding 2

11-intermolec. forces




15-acids and bases

16-echem, nuc, lab



Other classes:















Kevin, Kolack, Kevin Kolack, ProfessorK, Professor K, chemistry tutoring, New York City, college, chemistry